Tupperware catalog new edition

Di bawah ini ada beberapa katalog tupperware edisi terbaru yang langsung kami ambil dari site tupperware. selain itu untuk kesempatan lain akan kami share beberapa resep masakan ala tupperware serta ada juga panduan untuk party dan member joint.

Prepare family favorites in just minutes with these microwave marvels. a Tupperware® MicrowavePasta Maker Cook, strain, toss and serve your favorite pasta dishes. There’s no need to wait for boiling water and no messy overflow.

Cover doubles as a strainer. 8 cup/1.9 L. Makes up to 1 lb./450 g of spaghetti. 720 Sheer Azure $35.00
For easy, restaurant-quality pasta dishes, see our 25 Pasta Creations Recipe Book on page 24. b Tupperware® Microwave Rice Maker Cook and serve all in one container. Double cover channels moisture back inside. Includes cooking guidelines for nine types of grains. 1170 Peacock/Meadow $35.00 c Tupperware® Microwave Breakfast Maker Make plain or stuffed omelets, oatmeal, French toast and more. Simple instructions are engraved inside the cover. The large, ribbed tabs safeguard fingers from excessive heat. 1¾ cup/430 mL. 725 Sheer Azure $24.00 Our A Healthy Start Recipe Book features tasty, nutritious breakfast ideas and lifestyle tips. See page 24.

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