Indonesi Show Furniture 2012 Di JCC

Indonesi Show Furniture 2012 28 Juli - 5 Agustus Hal A, dan B JCC  furniture minimalis sampai over size semua bisa discount Grand Sale Branded Furniture 2012.

Jadwal Indonesi Show Furniture 2012

Pameran Jakarta 2012 JCC Show Jadwal pameran  Jakarta 2012: mulai tanggal 28 Juli - 5 Agustus 2012. Waktu: jam buka 10 pagi vs tutup 9 malam wib. Tempat: hall A n B JCC Jakarta. Informasi pameran Furniture show 2012 IFS Debindo: 021-829 2661. ndonesia’s biggest event interiors industry. The 2012 show will be held from July 28 – August 5, 2012 at Jakarta Convention Center Jadwal Pameran di Jakarta pameran komputer, pameran Jadwal pameran kerajinan Icra JCC. Jadwal pameran interior craft Indonesia 2012 bisa beli kerajinan tangan

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